Fernando Osorio

Fernando Osorio

Fernando Osorio was born in Peru in 1949. As a child, he grew up next to the Andes and later on close to the Pacific Ocean. He started exhibiting his artwork in 1981 and has had twelve solo exhibitions and several group shows. In 1988 he moved to the United States where he lives and works in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

He studied painting, drawing and sculpture at the School of Art at Catholic University in Lima and Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C. He also studied with renowned artists such as Cristina Galvez and Juan Pastorelli in Peru; and Nicholas Wilton, Steven Aimone, and Pamela Caughey in the U.S.

His life experience has driven him from the fields of science to the realms of art and spirituality. His interest and thirst of knowledge and experiences have been broad. His first career was engineering and planning. He worked as a Math professor and wrote five books of it. In addition to the visual arts, he has been involved in music and poetry. He released two musical albums with his own compositions, and has published three books of poetry.

Osorio states that art is deeply rooted in the human spirit. Art is a subtle way of communication, as well as a holistic endeavor aimed to spiritual awakening.

His work is beyond the abstract/figurative duality, instead he proposes the concept/object integration. He is currently working in large format paintings at his studio in Lorton, Virginia. He has exhibited his works in the United States and Peru, where his works are held in private collections.